PBN SEO – PBN Strategy which works in 2020 (Using PBNGuru Formula)

PBN SEO – PBN Strategy which works in 2020 (Using PBNGuru Formula)

If you are reading this article then you might already know that “PBN doesn’t work” was a big Myth, so let me share a PBN SEO strategy with you, how to use your PBN to crush your competitors in Google SERPs.

In this article i won’t be telling how to build PBN, PBN Guide or anything else but i would be sharing a small strategy to use your PBN to get most of it,  i haven’t talked or shared about it before so hang on and read the whole article.

Before we start you need to know PBN is not a miracle which would rank you it’s one of the Link Buikding Strategy used by SEOs to rank their websites. To increase your PBN Power you need to follow a PBN SEO Strategy that really works which we going to talk about in this article.

PBN is same as getting a Contextual Link from Someone Else Blog, this would give you the same amount of boost, but you can boost it by building links on your PBN that’s a different concept which i would talk further in the article.

Table of Content

  1. Why SEOs use PBN?
  2. Build your PBN Network in Sets
  3. Adding Money Site Link to PBN
  4. Boosting your PBN by Building Backlinks
  5. Backup & Update your PBN
  6. Final Verdict

Why SEOs use PBN?

Connecting with the Webmaster & then gettiing a link from relevant post or doing a Guest Post was too old fashion even there is a chance that your competitor can outreach him & get a link from there so he outrank you by ony building Competitors Links.

But, when you use PBN they would outreach to you and you are not fool enough to give a link to your competitor, this would be difficult for competitors to get all competitors link.

You can even hide your PBN like Ninja by blocking it from different crawlers so your competitor won’t know from where you are getting link.

Build your PBN Network in Sets

This is what i personally do i build PBN Network in Sets just like PushUps, Squats any other exercises which we do in gym. 3 Blog or more build with an intention to take links to money site is called Blog Network.

According to the keyword competition i build PBN Sets, for low comp Keywords a single Set is enough for medium competition i use two small set of Blog Network or single Network with good amount of Blogs.

So, it would be tricky for you how much Blogs you needed in each PBN sets & how many Sets for your own desired keyword.

If you wanted to rank your blog in a certain country, then add some local TLDs in your Private Blog Network.

You just follow this Simple Formula, which i use myself to decide the number of Blogs in a network & Sets to get myself in Top 10 Search Results.

(Total number of Top 10 Pages Backlinks + Keyword Search Results / Double Quotes Keyword Search Results + Past 24 Hours Keyword Search Results / Past 24 Hours Double Quotes Keyword Search Results) / 10

For example let’s assume the keyword “seo agency in melbourrne”

Total number of Top 10 Pages Backlinks = 31,310

Keyword Search Results = 78,20,000

Keyword Search Results
Keyword Search Results

Double Quotes Keyword Search Results = 27,300

Double Quotes Keyword Search Results
Double Quotes Keyword Search Results

Past 24 Hours Keyword Search Results = 7,920

Past 24 Hours Keyword Search Results
Past 24 Hours Keyword Search Results

Past 24 Hours Double Quotes Keyword Search Results = 4

Past 24 Hours Double Quotes Keyword Search Results
Past 24 Hours Double Quotes Keyword Search Results

You would receive a value that much amount of total link juice power you need on your Domain to Rank on top 10 Position, these total link juice value comes when you add Tier 1 & Tier 2 links both

To know more about Total Link Juice Power Check Below Image

Total Link Juice Power
Total Link Juice Power

(31,310 + 78,20,000 / 27,300 + 7,920 / 4) / 10 = 3,357.64469

Roundfigure it to 3,358 amount of Link Juice Power needed to rank for that keyword

which means if i take a link from Domain which have 70-120 Backlinks then i need 35 such Domains which means 35 Contextual Links needed to rank on such keyword from my view.

Now i would select my Sets of Network Randomly which gives me 35 Domains without leaving a single Blog getting waste in a network for example 2 Sets of 10 Blogs,  3 Sets of 5 Blogs can achieve me 35 Target.

This is how i do, evn you can do it 🙂

Remember only 1 Rule Randomize everything, don’t create a pattern while linking your Money Site from your PBN, Because patterns are also a footprint & can be detected just don’t create a pattern. You might don’t know but chances are there you might be working on a pattern.

Not a rocket science just link it, if you are working with small sets of Blog Network than you don’t need to worry it because you have damn less blogs to get detected.

If you are working on large PBN Sets than you need to handle it with brains so you get some gains in ranking.

Don’t keep your anchor text as main keyword, keep it LSI or some otherr related keyword but don’t keep main keyword.

Use some generic anchor text for variation in PBN some of the genric text are Click Here, Download, Source etc.

Use the power of naked link, add a naked link into your PBN but that shouldn’t be used more than 1 if you have Small Network even it’s big not more than 2. You can repeatt this style in every PBN Sets.

Also give links to your competitor who are lying on 6-7th page of Google SERPs & don’t forget to give yourself a nofollow link from any of the blog in each sets of PBN.

Only 1 from each PBN to money site is a myth, you can give as much as u can but it would look like spam so better keep 1 Link on some Blogs & 2 links on same Set blog network in which one should be blog post & homepage.

You might have heard tier link building, you need to do that only just build web 2.0s on homepage & on Blog Post build some handful links each month.

Always build quality web2.0, Quality over Quantity should be the main goal while building links.

Even some Profile & Comment but don’t spam this is just ot make the foundation of your PBN Network more Strong & increase Citation of your Blog over the web so it would look like it is owned by some other person.

Backup & Update your PBN

Always take a backup of your PBN Network after any changes, you should keep automatic backup of your PBN or do it manually once in a month. Update your Blogs with fresh content or use post scheduler to automate this & always keep 2-3 post as featured post in same niche to which you are linking your money site

Final Verdict

Formula which i share is created by me & used by me to decide how many PBN i would be needed to rank for keyword, If you have any doubts regarding PBN or wanted to learn more about PBN then PBNGuru.com is the site you need to follow. If you have any doubts & suggestion you can leave in the comment below & i would try to answer all of you to clear all your doubts.

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